Glenn Taylor

Glenn Taylor

Born in Kerrville, Texas, raised in Bandera, with a healthy appetite for music (as well as chicken fried steaks),I have largely gravitated toward A.O.R.(album oriented rock).I have always been a rocker, even though my radio career has taken me to numerous country and Texas Music formats. I am happy to say that I learned from some of the best “old school” jocks in Texas. Co- workers like Steve Coffman and Ron Houston (may they rest in peace) taught me how to be a personable radio host, rather than a run of the mill “liner jock” that litter most of today’s airwaves. I was also heavily influenced by Joe Anthony, “The Godfather of Rock and Roll”, mainly because of his passion for the music he loved and promoted across the San Antonio airwaves. I also have to give a nod to the legendary Wolfman Jack and W.K.R.P. for getting me interested in this crazy business. God knows it has not always been an easy road to travel, but here I am, finally getting a chance to do what I feel I was born to do…program the music for a rock station! I Hope you will tune in, not only for my show, but anytime you need a shot of rock and roll! I know you have a choice, so I pride myself in programming Rev FM from a music lovers standpoint, rather than from a cold corporate boardroom. Tune in and taste the difference!

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